Saphir Medaille D’Or Wax 100 mL


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Saphir’s Medaille D’Or Pate de Luxe ‘Glacage’ Wax is a complex formula of 7 different Waxes all linked by Pine Resin Extracts (Turpentine) to provide superior color penetration, covering, fixing and protecting (not to mention a wonderful smell) required of your fine footwear. The perfect product for antiquing, use a mix of different colors to get a deep, complex finish on your shoes and boots.

Note – Use in combination with the MDO Cream polishes for the best finish. Generally speaking, the Creams will impart more color into the pores of the leather, while the wax will provide more top finish and layers of protection. Renovateur will help keep the uppers smooth and remove excess product not absorbed by the leather.

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